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Equipment Finance

Vendor Finance

Our equipment finance offerings include, on and off balance sheet products.


Varied Products for Equipment Finance

Northern Managed Finance have a comprehensive range of Lease, Operating Lease, CHP and Rental tools that can be tailored around your requirements or company position. Our alternatives allow you to not have all your borrowed funds and securities tied up to a bank. Our approach gives you freedom to take on additional assets for your business without providing additional security. This if often seen as highly beneficial when you are experiencing company growth and need to invest in tools to help you harness that growth.

Cost effective Equipment Finance

Northern Managed Finance, has through years of experience created cost effective solutions to help with your business equipment financing needs. We exceed expectations in delivery and price, thus supporting your business to work cost effectively.

Multiple Assets

We specialise in offering items for many "Business Assets" across multiple industry types. Northern Managed Finance is even able to offer you "Asset Management" should your firm not be in position of this type system.

These include:

Office equipment: Computers, Copiers, Printers, Software, Furniture.
Motor Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Buses, Prime Movers
Yellow Goods: Tractors, Cranes, Forklifts, Digging Equipment
Medical equipment
Green Technology: Solar Equipment, LED Lighting, Power Factor Correction, Solar Panels
Mining equipment
Earthmoving equipment: Cranes, Forklifts, Diggers, Tractors
Manufacturing equipment