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Northern Managed Finance - Privacy Policy

NMF is committed to protecting your privacy while collecting and using your information.

Information collected by Northern Managed Finance

NMF collects information related to a customer's business and may in some circumstances collect personal information if it is reasonably necessary to provide the customer with products and services.
The business and personal information NMF collects from customers will allow them to process the application. Whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so, NMF only collects information about the customer directly from that customer.
NMF generally holds personal information relating the products and services that NMF provides or have provided to the customer, relating to the customer's financial interests and sometimes the customer's financial position or relating to the customer's contact details.

How does Northern Managed Finance use that information

NMF only use and disclose personal information about the customer for the purpose for which it was disclosed to them or in relation to purposes which would reasonably be expected without the customer's permission.
NMF does not use or share the information for any purpose other than the underwriting or administration of a customer's policy, claim or account, or as otherwise disclosed to the customer when the information was collected.
NMF may from time to time disclose personal information to service providers providing services in relation to informing the customer of NMF's products and services. If the customer chooses not to receive any further information about NMF's services and products, the customer should inform NMF by the contact details provided on the NMF website. NMF may provide information about the customers to the customer's nominated financial adviser with the customer's permission.
NMF will not use a customer's personal information for any other purpose, nor will NMF disclose it to any other third party, unless with the customer's consent or in other circumstances where such use or disclosure is permitted under the Privacy Act. NMF does not sell personal information to other organisations

How does Northern Managed Finance keep information accurate and up to date

NMF takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all information they hold is as accurate and reliable as is possible. When a customer provides information to NMF, NMF also relies on the accuracy of that information. If a customer thinks that any information NMF holds about them or any information that has been provided by a third party with the customer's consent, is inaccurate or incomplete, the customer is able to contact NMF at any time by the contact details provided on the NMF website and ask for its correction.

If you have any questions regarding the NMF privacy policy or handling of information, please contact NMF at any time by the contact details provided on the NMF website.